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InstaMove has over 15 years experience as a Nottingham based furniture Services Company. Interior Designers, furniture manufacturers, distributors and dealers rely on InstaMove to provide their customers with professional grade furniture services. On a daily basis our experienced crews travel Nottingham and its surrounding areas.

InstaMove travels weekly across the state of Ohio, delivering and installing single orders, room & group sets and entire truckloads of furniture, artwork, statues and antiques. You can count on us to help with all your furniture needs to be on time and on budget.

InstaMove: Furniture Delivery In Nottingham

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InstaMove specializes in working with designers and furniture dealers. When working with us you will have access to a full range of services, including furniture delivery and installation, receiving and inspection, storage, inventory tracking, packing and crating and much more.

InstaMove specializes in packing and crating fragile and delicate items. Our staff has years of experience in crating chandeliers, glass and marble tops, art, mirrors and etc. We make packing and crating affordable to our customers.

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