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InstaMove is a premier moving services company. We’ve earned that reputation over the past years. As a business relocation services provider in the Lafayette, and entire state of Ohio we have seen it all and done just about anything needed in residential moving.

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At InstaMove, we have always been proud of what we do and passionate of how we do it. We strive to perform at the highest level so that your experience with us is pleasant and more importantly, memorable.

We’ve the moving equipment, packing and moving expertise and experienced movers to handle all of your residential moving needs. Our trained moving consultants will fine tune a personal moving plan that integrates your moving needs, moving schedule and moving budget.

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Your home is probably one of your most valuable possessions and you don’t want anything to be damaged during the move. Professional movers know how to move houses properly and gently. The heavier the load, the more carefully they pack it, since they want to avoid crushing it against the walls of the home. If there is a lot of dust or pet hair on your furniture, it’s okay for the professional movers to clean it up before moving the furniture. You can usually expect this during your pre-listing visit.

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Aside from having an inventory list, it would also be a good idea to have a packing list for the residential movers to refer to as and when they’re packing your belongings for relocation. This way, they will know exactly where to place your items so that your stuff doesn’t get lost in the move. Many movers quote a price based on the estimate provided by their clients, so it’s not always necessary for you to pay more than what their business says is the minimum for a relocation. Of course, it would be better if you have your own budget or estimate for the relocation.

Best Residential Movers in Lakeville, Ohio

Residential movers are usually independent contractors. If you decide to hire them for the move, you can make sure that they will only be hired for your needs and that you can check their references. A good moving company will have satisfied customers who will be willing to share positive feedback about their service. It would also help if you check the company’s website and learn more about their rates and other services. Moving companies should be licensed by your state or city, so you’ll know that they comply with local laws.

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